By: Cryptix

Our earthly never ending pursuit of a panacea by now we should know it has it’s place beyond celestial. so am Calling on the vibrant blooded to Till this societal soil beneath our Cracking fit in search of fertility sowing remnants that won’t be consumed in this present day acidic political landscape. Let’s juxtapose the pre-  and the post times not for any reason but learn it in attempt to establish the unpredictable future, faith be our mantra. If needs be we all shud have palpitation to the rhythmic count’s cause days are numbered. We think and speak lyrics in harmony with our cardiac instrumentation every life is on record we will be judged from that song buried in a capella. we are Kissing the Queens ring of what kingdom? stardom or wisdom but our works must warn the unruly, strengthen the feeble, protect the weak and be patient toward each other.

We voice out in the immortality of our hope for diplomatic renegades to resonate thus eventually undergo moral transmutation for every vocal platform chanting justice justice!! in any lingual tone is a philosopher’s stone attempting to change these base metallic set’s of mind into refined gold defined thots, Vocals on the left and those on the right side of the speaker to realise and harmonies way above their antithetic ideologies not for self eulogies but to know that they are public instruments producing a single liberational song for the entire nation. Woe to those Consuming huge pieces of injustice they can never escape moral obesity with their political calisthenics. This goes beyond a philosopher’s call for man to uplift, deepen, stretch his consciousness thru therapeutic theories as Paramount for self actualization as opposed to the spirit (in absolute obsolete oblivion) (what all believe on). We prey to these cyber toothed forked tongue haemoglobin thirsty freaks…

The river is ours  but we fish from the creeks Dominance of the modern day romans and Greeks addressing habitants of a crumbling world built of bricks ruled  by blood thirsty freaks can’t be blinded by their tricks. fruitful studies for future geologist if ur research don’t unravel selfishness from the ruins,debris humans never inhabited there. Get ur mind educated have ur Fair shear of selfishness thrive on the ignorant, projected philanthropy dust guilt off ur conscious. Moral education shud be a prerequisite. mans selfishness is like a room filled with mirrors, sell tomorrow just to live today. Selfishness Drew’s life out of a youthful body. Sight is blurred legs feeble paralysed ears blocked lips pair of lies tongue detested mouth dumbed. Selfishness is an airstrip evil lands on.

This is not a comfy desk in a philosophy class of any school thots. But a call to constantly reflect on the architect of all transcendent human dimensions to influence us n those seated in the house named a month right after July. U shud be ashamed to demand for the Truth right after you lie u are there for the P.O.O.R Point Of Order Raised gaining our trust is a matter of a well outlined strategic plan..

Know the arithmetics of diplomatically manipulating figures destined to the poor like them are gods demagogues art of wrapping lies called promises in fancy grammar invested in knowing the plight of the poor after that u can catch a flight am sure let me sound polite u just need too much power than a substation poll light. Their humble speech is a glamorous motorcade of tented black promises with no meaning inside seated so comfy, driven by selfish ambition, headed for the hearts, trust of this already wounded citizenry. You can Stub them on the wounds just convince them the knife is a medicated pain killer we are that vulnerable to the honorable seated at the prestigious corner rebel to the legit cause yet venerable..

Be sober, be vigilant; because.

Let Epicurus sing his hedonistic song alone, we are purchased goods. Those with a taste and can digest metaphors to consume the enigma of living not to be poetically obese but to b an expositor of the cryptix of divers intricate dynamics in existence to the craving bewildered masses. Escape your sons in wisdom woven baskets or on a donkey thru the desert seek refuge somewhere in African, escape them from pharaoh and Herod. for they will be called thru the burning bush to be the warmth to the cold, carry the cross for every soul. teach them that they are educated for the ignorant, strong for the weak, possess to shear because my brother my sister the world’s sinister…